Jesse Allen has had a life long affair with music.

He is a graduate of The New England Institute of Art with an Associates Degree of Science in Audio Production and is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society with a 3.9GPA. He is also a member of AES (Audio Engineering Society), BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.), and is the 2011 AiME Award Winner for Best Overall Production.

Jesse Allen is an award winning Music Producer, Arranger, Audio Engineer, Mixer, Saxophonist, Keyboardist, Synthesist, and Professional House Music and Disco DJ with proficiencies in Pro Tools, Logic, audio signal processing, microphones, and mixing techniques. Jesse is also the owner and operator of Beat Connection Recordings, a production company that specializes in dance music production, event promotion, nightclub and special event DJ services. His DJ career dates back to the mid nineties and since then he has had the honor of sharing the stage with several of the world’s most respected circuit DJs. With more than 15 years experience as a DJ he pulls from his large record collection of contemporary and classic disco, house, and obscure dance music grooves providing the freshest music programming and mixing this side of the galaxy to produce his signature sound.

His musical journey started with playing the saxophone at the tender age of seven, and by the age of ten he began studying jazz. In nineteen ninety-three Jesse had been introduced to the sounds of the ever-present house music underground in Boston, Massachusetts and soon after started playing with his friends’ turntables, he had come to find a new musical passion. By the age of eighteen he started fusing his musical worlds together, mixing records and playing the sax at the same time. Teaching himself to play piano and schooling himself in the art of Music Production, Synthesis, and Audio Engineering followed as Jesse progressed in the music industry. Jesse Allen returned to college to pursue an Associates Degree of Science in Audio Production from The New England Institute of Art in Brookline, Massachusetts. His focus in returning to college was to diversify and hone his craft to become a well-rounded Professional Music Producer and Audio Engineer with interests in working in the television, film, and gaming industries aside from music. Jesse graduated at the top of his class and is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Jesse Allen won The New England Institute of Art’s most prestigious audio AiME Award for Best Overall Production in April of 2011.

Recent times have found Jesse Allen playing saxophone for NYC based DFA Records act, Graceful Exit, with Walter Jones and Tate Masimore (AKA Chas Bronz). Graceful Exit’s debut EP will be released on DFA Records in June 2011. Jesse played keys, synths, and sax on Bananza Music’s release “Melodic Pleasure” by Ryan Tapia featuring Celeste. The release of “Deep Sax”by Seedadian Deep on Seed Recordings showcases Jesse Allen’s sweet and sultry saxophone playing and has received heavy play from Dj’s throughout the world. He is an original member of the group Long Distance Analog, who have released two EPs on UK based Mullet Records with fellow band mates Sean Healey and Tate Masimore. Long Distance Analog's sound is heavily cemented in the synth pop, nu disco, and electronic dance music realm of funky, vocal laced songs. Their song, “Plecked Medium” (ODahl Remix) was included on the Hed Kandi Nu Disco Vol. 2 compilation distributed by Ministry of Sound in January of 2010. Jesse teamed up with Tate Masimore and Evan Langley, both Berklee College of Music graduates, and drummer Brenden Wesley on a new project titled: Jesse Allen Presents HiRed Bugs, born out a shared musical vision and love of classic disco production techniques.

Jesse Allen is an award winning Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Musician and DJ who looks forward to a long career in the music industry. He took some time off from holding down a heavy DJ schedule to focus on his education, Jesse is currently available for performances an booking new dates. When performing, Jesse brings his years of experience and finesse behind the decks to the DJ booth at select events and has held several residencies at various nightclubs throughout major cities in the New England area. He tends to play everything funky, delving deep into downtempo, jazz, disco, funk, balearic, cosmic disco, electro, nu disco, and house music. Keep your ears open for new productions and projects from Jesse Allen, and get hip to this true dance musicologist’s feel good funky sound that brings people together, makes them dance, and melts their troubles away in proper fashion.